How We Know It Works

How We Know It Works:

We support teachers in developing their expertise in rigorous evidence-based and research-validated methods, including Content Coaching, classroom discourse development, robust lesson design and reflection, and refinement of teacher pedagogy. We can measure and assess outcomes in a number of ways:

  • In daily practice, we see:
    • Teachers asking students to work on more complex tasks and projects that are just hard enough to stretch them.
    • Teachers increasing their use of academic discourse in classrooms and creating a culture of discourse.
    • A focus on the instructional core—teachers selecting, designing and/or adapting and implementing conceptually focused lessons that develop big ideas, strategies and mathematical modeling—with teachers striving to ensure that all students have access to quality instruction. (This requires support from principals and district administrators.)
    • A willingness to learn and collaborate together in the study of teaching itself. (This requires support from principals and district administrators.)
  • Over time, we see the following types of development:
    • Growth in student contributions and responses in discussion, in writing, and in approaches to mathematical tasks.
    • More rigor and richness in the quality of tasks and projects that teachers assign and more attention to ensuring that all students have access to and/or are challenged by the task.
    • Student improvement on standardized tests that accurately measure mathematical growth.
  • Over time, we see the following types of development in artifacts of practice:
    • Improvement in the quality of student work samples (e.g. more reasoning in their writing, clarity of expression, and diagrams and mathematical models used strategically).
    • Teacher growth as evidenced by video of classroom interactions that show implementation of learned talk moves, improved use of board space, increased focus on mathematical ideas and a move away from teaching as telling.

We also have testimonials from teachers, coaches, and administrators around the country, and around the world, attesting to Metamorphosis’ role in their professional growth. Our partner schools, districts, teachers, and coaches testify to the many ways that they are enriched by their work with Metamorphosis, our consultants and the resources we share.

  • We've had amazing success and have gone from a [lowest rated] to a [highest rated] school. Much of our success came from enhancing student engagement through discourse and tasks that require higher level thinking. Without the information I learned from [Metamorphosis] over the years, there is NO way that we would have been able to bring these initiatives to scale. I am incredibly thankful.
    -Kevin Andriolo, Assistant Principal, Murkland School

  • [T]hank you so much! I was just going on and on to someone about how Metamorphosis PD is so clear, efficient, and energizing. Both our days with you all were truly inspiring... I look forward to the partnership!! Thanks for everything.
    -Lindsay, Teacher, New York

  • Thank you for your guidance and support. You have instilled in me the understanding of how important it is for Administrators to remain open and current to the math content and teaching strategies that are happening in the PD that is being provided to the staff. I have enjoyed the Principal sessions immensely; learning from you and other principals has prepared me for this journey I am taking.
    -Maria Rogalle, Assistant Principal

  • I am so nourished every time I have a chance to work with [Metamorphosis]. Your level of respect for all students and your ability to engage them at their varied levels of understanding is so inspiring -but it doesn't feel like you are the only one who can do it. You build community and get people working together to build deep thinking and understanding with all students and adults.
    -Holly, Hatch, Principal, Somerville, MA

  • Your work with Monroe has been invaluable! You have challenged us to think in ways we have never been challenged before and it could have not have come at a more opportune time. This is the start of something big. Thank you for all you do!
    -Meghan Gibson, Coach, Monroe, MI

  • I have been transformed by the work you've done with our team. It didn't always ‘feel’ comfortable but it did ‘feel’ necessary. I have such an immense respect for the work you've done with our team and Thursday's session was a transformative session, for me, because it pushed my thinking to levels I was not aware I could reach regarding this difficult work in which we are engaged. So...thank you very much! I am deeply appreciative of where you've moved me!
    -Joan Mosely, Leadership Coach, NYC

  • When I first started to notice the battery of teacher moves used by the Metamorphosis facilitators, I was in awe of their ability to pause in the midst of the action, and flexibly and quickly select a teacher move that was responding to an immediate situation, and which was not in the plan. Now, I’m beginning to envision how I can do this, too.
    -Tyler Jennings, The Caedmon School

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