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Districts are rarely equipped to provide the level of training and support that would guarantee coaches have the skills and vision needed for coaching to have a desired impact. District or school leaders often appoint coaches when new curriculum materials or programs are being adopted, or when schools are not producing desired test results. Coaches often work in isolation from other coaches, and sometimes work in several different schools. They seldom have a clear and defined role. Their schedules vary widely and their approach to the work is often idiosyncratic—they are essentially inventing the practice of coaching practitioner by practitioner. Here's where we can help. We are uniquely qualified to support and develop coaches and administrators to use coaching as a strategy to improve student learning and cultivate adult learning cultures. Content coaching was developed by Metamorphosis to address the complex challenges facing coaches, who are often searching for:

  • A clear vision.
  • A clearly defined role.
  • Training and support.
  • Ways to be effective in stressful circumstances, such as when the district suffers poor test results or implements a new curriculum.
  • A supportive community.
  • More predictable schedules.
  • Guidance to help them develop their practice.

Metamorphosis focuses on:

  • Coaching Skills: Taking a learning stance and learning alongside teachers; collaborating with teachers, coaches, and leaders; and focusing on the instructional core—planning, enacting, reflecting upon, and refining lessons.
  • Coaching Moves: We provide tools and strategies and pinpoint coaching moves and techniques that can transform teaching practice and turn schools into rich learning communities.
  • Coaching Role: We collaboratively define the role and purpose of the coach.
  • Coaching Relationships: We assist coaches, administrators, and principals, and teachers in creating a coaching culture that fosters professional learning, respect, and collaboration.
  • Coaching Strategy: We assist coaches in using influence, strategy, and skill to cultivate teacher leadership and sustainable improvement.

We also recommend that coaches attend our Coach Collaborative and Coaching & Leadership Institute, which lay a strong foundation for custom on-site work.


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 When coaching is designed well, coaches can help semi-skilled teachers as well as skilled educators refine their practice on the job in all essential areas...and help to ensure that every student is working with a highly-qualified, caring teacher  

- West & Cameron, Agents of Change



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