Coaching Principals and Administrators

Metamorphosis offers decades of experience in designing and implementing initiatives that transform school cultures and inspire robust professional learning. Lucy West, Toni Cameron, and a select group of our Master Coaches partner with principals and administrators to build high performance learning cultures that permeate all levels of the district and the school. This work ranges across many areas, including:

  • What principals need to know about conferring in the classroom.
  • Ensuring intelligent use of curricular materials in schools.
  • Feeling confident in providing effective feedback to teachers from a supervisory position.
  • Supporting struggling secondary students.
  • How principals can discern the worthiness of tasks in math classrooms.

Metamorphosis helps administrators and principals:

  • Develop strategies for providing effective leadership.
  • Understand the role of coaching in the administrator’s and principal’s toolkit.
  • Master tools for creating high performance professional learning communities in schools.
  • Build an increased capacity to assess and improve classroom work.
  • Understand the relationship among coaching, content, and collaboration – the three levers of support that effectively change practice.


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 The principal is instrumental in setting the stage for coaching...Principals should share with the faculty the long-term goals for developing pedagogical coherence across the school, 
for cultivating a collaborative culture, and for developing teacher leadership.  

- West & Cameron, Agents of Change


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