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Lucy West

Founder & Master Coach, Mathematics/Systems Design

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Lucy West established Metamorphosis TLC after an outstanding run as Director of Mathematics Instruction in New York City’s famed Community School District 2. During her tenure, District 2 innovated cutting edge professional development practices that have now become best practices—content coaching, walk-throughs, professional learning communities, and lesson study, to name a few. While representing District 2 in the creation of the Institute for Learning at the Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, she co-authored the classic Content-Focused Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons (Heinemann, 2003), with Professor Fritz C. Staub, now in its 16th edition.

Lucy also served as Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction K-12 for close to 200 schools in Region 9. After orchestrating many successful initiatives and partnerships for the region, she went on to partner with some of the most challenging urban systems in the country.

Lucy is recognized internationally for her innovative, effective, and cutting edge ideas and proven practices for transforming schools into thriving multi-generational learning communities. Her experience at every level of the system—from classroom teacher, to building administrator, to curriculum coordinator, to district administrator— and as a consultant to urban, suburban, and rural schools and districts, uniquely qualify her to assist schools and districts. She has consistently received accolades for helping both adults and students become more scholarly and inquisitive about teaching and learning.

Lucy is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at national and international conferences, including the Harvard Institute for School Leadership, NCSM, NCTM, ASCD, NSDC, EARLI, and New Leaders for New Schools. She has been an instructor of mathematics education courses for Bank Street College of Education and CCNY’s Mathematics in The City Project.  Her two most recent publications are Agents of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching and Learning (Heinemann, 2013); and Adding Talk to the Equation: Discussion and Discovery in Mathematics (Stenhouse, 2016)


Her publications include:

  • West, Lucy, Adding Talk to the Equation. Portland, ME: Stenhouse, 2016.
  • West, Lucy and Cameron, Antonia, Agents of Change. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2013.
  • West, L. and Staub, F., Content-Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons, Heinemann, 2003.
  • Knight, Jim. Editor, Coaching: Approaches & Perspectives, Corwin Press, 2008.
  • Educating Teachers of Science, Mathematics and Technology: New Practices for the New Millennium, National Research Council, 2000.
  • West, L. Principal and Coach as Partners, The Journal of Mathematical Behavior (forthcoming, 2017).
  • Saphier, J and West, L, How Coaches Can Maximize Student Learning, Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 91, No. 4, December 2009/January 2010, pp. 46-50.
  • West, L., Coaching as Leadership, NCSM Monograph Series, Leadership for Student Achievement, Vol. 4, 2004.
  • West, L. & Fran Curcio, Collaboration Sites: Teacher Centered Professional Development in Math. Teaching Children Mathematics, Jan. 2004.
  • West, L., et. al. Building Coaching Capacity Through Lesson Study. JSD, 2006.





Adding Talk to the Equation

Learn how to skillfully lead math conversations so all students in the game, stay motivated about learning, and ultimately deepen their understanding.








 Agents Of Change

Ready to learn the latest Content Coaching techniques for transforming school culture and inspiring robust learning at every level?






I've always found your work tremendously helpful -- especially using your Content Coaching book when I first started as a math coach! It quickly became my bible for coaching interactions.

-Tor Ormseth, El Rancho USD/CSU Fullerton

I'm lucky that this is my fourth year learning with you and every single time I have so many takeaways that I'm instantly stimulated again. More, more, more...I can't get enough!

-Kelly Davis, Math Coach

Lucy - Thank you for all your guidance and knowledge when I worked with you as a teacher. You helped me open up my Math practice to support my learning which then lead to the greater understanding for my students. Having worked with you as a teacher helped me understand to a greater extent what students and teachers needed as I became the Assistant Principal. It made our observations and conversations about teacher practice and math content that much more seamless and important.

-Maria Rogalle, Assistant Principal

"We've had amazing success and have gone from a Level 4 school to a Level 1 school. Much of our success came from enhancing student engagement through discourse and tasks that require higher level thinking. Without the information I learned from you over the years, there is NO way that we would have been able to bring these initiatives to scale.... I am incredibly thankful that I was able to learn from you Lucy."

-Kevin Andriolo, Assistant Principal, Murkland School

"The session was great; exactly what that team needed. You were dead on with every one of your moves! It really has been a pleasure to work with you, both for the board event and this last provincial event... I will find more pretexts to work with you again!"

-Lynn Charbonneau, CSDCEO, Canada

"I am so nourished every time I have a chance to work with you. Your level of respect for all students and your ability to engage them at their varied levels of understanding is so inspiring -but it doesn't feel like you are the only one who can do it. You build community and get people working together to build deep thinking and understanding with all students and adults."

-Holly, Hatch, Principal, Somerville, MA

“Your work with Monroe has been invaluable!  You have challenged us to think in ways we have never been challenged before and it could have not have come at a more opportune time.  This is the start of something big.  Thank you for all you do! “

-Meghan Gibson, Coach, Monroe, MI

“I have been transformed by the work you've done with our team. It didn't always ‘feel’ comfortable but it did ‘feel’ necessary. I have such an immense respect for the work you've done with our team and Thursday's session was a transformative session, for me, because it pushed my thinking to levels I was not aware I could reach regarding this difficult work in which we are engaged. So...thank you very much! I am deeply appreciative of where you've moved me!”

-Joan Mosely, Leadership Coach, NYC

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