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Calendar of Professional Learning Opportunities

2017-2018 School Year


Metamorphosis offers a variety of services to assist schools and districts in improving mathematics teaching and learning in Grades K-12 and in meeting the requirements of the CCSS and the NYC DOE: Mathematics InstitutesLearning Communities (including for Coaches, Teachers, and Principals), and Mathematics Planning Days. Click on the title of an event, or “Details” for a brief description of the each offering, scheduled dates, and rates. If you wish to register or have questions regarding any of the events listed below, please contact Metamorphosis directly at 212-233-0419.

Mathematics Institutes

Mathematics Institutes focus on specific topics in mathematics and/or science education. These topics include explorations of specific strands in mathematics (number, data, geometry, algebra) as well as a focus on problem solving, assessment, conferring, and writing.

3-Day Institutes: $750/person
Participants are expected to attend all three sessions in a respective institute without substitutions.
2-Day Institutes: $500/person
Participants are expected to attend both sessions in a respective institute without substitutions.
1-Day Institutes: $275/person


Learning Communities

Coaching Learning Communities

Coaching Learning Communities (CLCs), or Coach Collaboratives are powerful collaborations that bring together experienced coaches from across schools and districts to work on refining their coaching practice. Through the study of video case studies or live coaching by a Master Metamorphosis Coach, coaches develop the art of Content Coaching. All participants play an active role during the sessions and are encouraged to apply what they are learning about coaching in their practice. Coaches share artifacts, issues, and concerns in ensuing sessions. Each participants is expected to attend all sessions.


Teaching Learning Communities

Teaching Learning Communities (TLCs) are set in real classrooms in real time. They employ powerful learning structures that bring educators together from across schools to home in on the instructional core (planning, co-teaching, and reflecting on units/lessons). They combine the aspects of professional learning that have been proven to be the most effective in improving teacher practice and student learning; bringing teachers together to engage in mathematics tasks designed to deepen their understanding of the concepts, structures, patterns, and relationships that underpin all of the mathematics they are expected to teach. Participants will accompany a hosting teacher in refining a lesson through a journey of inquiry that meets two or more times throughout the year. All participating teachers are then encouraged to try the refined lesson in their classrooms and bring back artifacts from their lessons to discuss in subsequent sessions. Each participants is expected to attend all sessions.


Principal Learning Communities

In Principal Learning Communities (PLCs), Principals meet together to explore mathematics instruction and learning, and to deepen their own understanding of mathematics.  PLCs pay particular attention to strategies for assessing teacher development and for providing teachers feedback that is sculpted to improve the math instruction and learning in their classrooms. Principals and Metamorphosis Master Coaches work together on:

  • Building consensus regarding what constitutes effective mathematics instruction.
  • Developing a common lens for analyzing and assessing mathematics instruction as evidenced in student thinking expressed orally or in writing.
  • Understanding the components of rich mathematics lessons; this includes big ideas, strategies, and mathematical models.
  • Understanding the components of effective pedagogy (e.g., use of board space, talk moves, and types of questions posed).
  • Providing tools for developing Principal capacity to give effective feedback.
  • Learning how to use coaches and lead teachers in ways that create deep and lasting change in the culture of learning.


Mathematics Planning Days


Planning days are set aside for schools that currently have a Metamorphosis staff developer working on-site. The planning days are grade specific and focus on mapping out curriculum (units of study, minilessons, games) for the upcoming school year. As part of these days, schools share their successes (what units of study have been effective) and decide the developmental sequence of learning for the next school year. A big part of this work is examining the CCSS in math and cross-grade mapping of content. Interested schools should talk to their Metamorphosis staff developer about this end-of-year option.

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