Antonia Cameron

Director of Professional Development & Master Coach, Elementary Mathematics

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Antonia Cameron is the Director of Professional Development and Chief Academic Officer of Metamorphosis. In this capacity, she is responsible for coaching consultants and for developing all the elementary professional development offered by MTLC. Her current work is focused on how to develop feedback cultures in schools. As part of this work, she is facilitating learning communities focused on (1) the role of the principal in providing effective feedback; (2) the power of the teacher-student conference (helping teachers develop ways of conferring with students to allow for productive struggle); and, (3) the role of coaching in developing teacher leadership and leadership networks. Her recent publication, Agents of Change, How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching, co-authored with Lucy West, is used nationally as a tool to mentor coaches and other leaders. Toni is also working on a book on early childhood routines that will be published in 2018.

Toni has served as Co-Director with Cathy Fosnot of Mathematics in the City (MitC), a national center for professional development at City College of the City University New York.  As co-principal investigator of an NSF-funded project, she co-authored the fifteen facilitator-guides that were part of the Young Mathematicians at Work CD-ROMs. She and her colleagues cultivated an extraordinary capacity to develop student learning in the teachers they coached. In addition, she co-authored two units (“Games” and “Muffles’ Truffles”) in the curriculum Contexts for Learning published by Heinemann.

Ms. Cameron designed Collaborative Communities of Practice, a groundbreaking professional development model for New York City’s Department of Education. This model served as the foundation for the mathematics collaborative coaching community implemented by Toni in over 100 schools in collaboration with Carol Teague in Region 8 of New York. Toni continues to refine this practice in her Principal and Coaching Learning Communities at Metamorphosis. 

Ms. Cameron is in demand as a coach of coaches by educational coaches across the USA and Canada. She has presented nationally and internationally at such conferences as NCSM, NCTM, AMTE, NSDC and ICME.

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Her publications include:

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Agents Of Change

Ready to learn the latest Content Coaching techniques for transforming school culture and inspiring robust learning at every level?






We just want to say once again, THANK YOU so much for all of your wonderful coaching and guidance through this learning community. We couldn't be more grateful for all of the effort and time you have put into us and into this event to make it as beneficial as it could be for all parties involved. It has helped us grow into better educators. We look forward to working with you more in the future. :)

- Tiffany Rivera, Third Grade Teacher
- Lisa Dolcimascolo, Third Grade Teacher

Dear Toni, I left yesterday feeling incredibly lucky to have had three full days of you coaching me and learning alongside you and the other coaches. You were the person who helped me see how much fun teaching and learning math is and I am so thankful for that.  I learned so much from you as well as the other coaches. I look forward to many more opportunities working together and can't thank you enough for all of your support throughout the years. 

- Ariel Dlugasch, PS 276, Math Coach


It was refreshing to watch Toni bring lightness and joy into conferences with kids. 

- Math Teacher


Toni - Thank you for your guidance and support as an Assistant Principal. You have instilled in me the understanding of how important it is for Administrators to remain open and current to the math content and teaching strategies that are happening in the PD that is being provided to the staff. I have enjoyed the Principal sessions immensely, learning from you and other principals has prepared me for this journey I am taking.

- Maria Rogalle, Assistant Principal

I really appreciate how the day was launched. Your emphasis on reasoning, conjecture and strategies is right on. The way that mathematical thinking is fostered in games is all the more compelling argument for why the teachers in my school need to use games that develop reasoning on a regular basis. Our challenge is to figure out how and when to put these games into the weekly sequence of lessons.

- John O’Reilly, Principal, Arts & Letters, NYC

My understanding of math and my ability to understand the math thinking of others (children and adults) has come so far! Thank you for the tremendous part you have played in my teaching and learning!  I particularly appreciated when you reminded me to slow down and think about the students’ thinking with “a spirit of curiosity and genuine interest.” I think for any of us who struggled with math in our own school experiences, this is such powerful advice. It’s so easy sometimes to get in our own way!

- Helen

Where do we begin? As we reflect back on our journey this year, we do not know how to express our gratitude for your expertise and knowledge you have shared. You have and continue to challenge us to think critically about mathematics, our classroom practice, and student development. We are looking forward to continuing on this journey next year.

- Kathy, Sharla, Andrea, and Kari, Math Coordinator and Teacher Leaders, Canada

Thank you so much for an incredible year. From that very first cup of iced coffee to the last of the planning days, this has been a year of tremendous impact and growth for me. Thank you for sharing your learning communities, your time, your knowledge, your talent, your resources, your insight, your passion, and your sense of humor in such a generous way. You have been an unbelievable mentor, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked so closely with you this year. Looking forward to continuing to work together as we embark on our new adventures!

- Michel, Math Coach, NYC

I just want to thank you for all you have done for our district, the Farmers Branch teachers you have worked with, and especially me, over the last three years. I was one of those people who openly said, “I am not a Math person.” Now, thanks in large to you, I love mathematics and have a real passion for doing Math, teaching Math, and helping teachers develop Mathematicians. You have taught me so much and have a true talent for pushing a teacher’s thinking without making us uncomfortable. I will be forever thankful for what you taught me and will always consider you one of my mentors.

- J. Taylor, Instructional Facilitator, Texas

Thank you so much for your email! We feel so honored to have worked with you and we hope it doesn’t end any time soon! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to present yesterday and for enabling us to turnkey everything we’ve learned and developed with you. We both felt so supported by you yesterday, just as we each have always felt working with you. We can’t say it enough... Thank you for everything! We can’t wait to work with you in the future!

-Liav & Melissa

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