Anne Burgunder

Upper Elementary & Secondary Mathematics


Anne Burgunder is widely regarded as a teacher's teacher. She understands the dilemmas of teaching and has an assortment of tools to assist teachers in all aspects of the complex work of teaching. She is dedicated to helping teachers increase student achievement through improved instruction and the development of pedagogical content knowledge.

Currently Anne is a clinical faculty member of New York University's Steinhardt School of Education where she teaches mathematics methods courses and mentors student teachers in the field. Anne's work is not limited to pre-service education. She supports practicing teachers in the field in schools across the country as a math consultant for Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities. Before joining the Metamorphosis team, she worked as both a national and international consultant and mathematics curriculum specialist in a variety of school settings including public and private, urban and rural, religious and secular, and single sex environments.

Anne began her career as a math teacher. A life-long scholar and researcher, Burgunder has many interests in math education. She is conducting research on the role of visual images in helping students learn mathematics. She studies the various methods and systems for teaching mathematics employed by other cultures, and she is exploring essential conditions for reducing math anxiety in pre-service elementary teachers. Publications early in her career and several national speaking engagements drew her out of her own classroom into consulting work for Pittsburgh Public Schools and several independent schools. This work was followed by an opportunity to create the curriculum for a new Jewish Day School under a half-million dollar grant from the Partnership for Jewish Education (PEJE). Anne facilitated a mathematics project for over one hundred schools in Northwest Ohio.

Anne moved to the New York City suburbs in 1999 to serve as a math staff developer for Community School District 2, a district known nationally for its innovative and rigorous focus on instructional improvement. From 2002 though 2005, Anne lived in Sydney Australia where her work was centered on the math education of females.
Anne Burgunder received her M.S. in math leadership from Bank Street College and is currently working on her PhD dissertation at the University of Plymouth Centre for Teaching Mathematics in Devon, England.


Q: What are you most passionate about in education?

Thinking deeply about cultural practices and considering how practices enhance or inhibit learning.

Q: What do you love about Metamorphosis?

The opportunity to continue to grow with others I value.

Q: What do you want to influence in education?

I want people to see themselves as life long learners and take them to the threshold of commitment to continue to learn. I want to redefine mathematics so that people experience it more through the lens of depth and creativity used by mathematicians rather than through the lens of rote mechanics that too often prevails in the classroom.



I have reexamined just about every aspect of my teaching and the way I think about mathematics. I have realized that I have always been good at applying algorithms and procedures but I never really had the understanding of mathematics that I want my students to have. I cannot tell a lie, this type of reaction has left me uncomfortable at times and is very time consuming....and yet I am loving every minute of it.

- Teacher, Byram Hills Central School District


You have supported me in so many ways! Being available when you visit the school as well as via email before and after sessions is so helpful in allowing me to try new things in the classroom. I definitely need a push to get out of my comfort zone and you give me the right amount of push in the right direction.

- Teacher, Byram Hills Central School District


I cannot say enough about how much this experience has meant to me… There are so many things I have not only learned but have already been able to put into practice. Being able to work with [you] has allowed me to be pushed in a way that I hope to continue throughout my practice as a teacher. Thank you for your complete honesty and realness not only in our sessions but also in my classroom to help me see that it is okay to mess up but keep things intentional. 

… I can't wait to make an intentional move towards planning in new ways and thinking [more deeply] about my students as well as about the language that I am using. 

If…I could do it all again I would do it a million times over. 

- Math Teacher, Kentucky


Thank you so much for an incredible year. From that very first cup of iced coffee to the last of the planning days, this has been a year of tremendous impact and growth for me. Thank you for sharing your learning communities, your time, your knowledge, your talent, your resources, your insight, your passion, and your sense of humor in such a generous way. You have been an unbelievable mentor, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked so closely with you this year. Looking forward to continuing to work together as we embark on our new adventures!

- Michel, Math Coach, NYC 


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