Ben Peled

Secondary Mathematics


Ben Peled's passions lie in careful planning to create math lessons centered on student inquiry and discourse. He began his career teaching English abroad in Bolivia, France, Mexico, and Argentina, returning to New York to teach secondary math, from Algebra I to AP Calculus. He spent seven years at a public high school in Manhattan, five as department head, and was named both a Math for America Fellow and a Master Teacher. 

In addition, Ben teaches courses in secondary math methods at Fordham University's Graduate School of Education and New York University's Steinhardt School of Education. 



Q: What are you most passionate about in education?

I'm really passionate about kids learning math. A deep understanding of mathematics opened doors for me – both in school and in real-life. I'd love to give all students access to that same understanding.

Q: What do you love about Metamorphosis?

I've worked with some really amazing people in the past, but I don't know that I've ever worked with a group of people so very brilliant, or so intensely devoted to the growth and betterment of their craft.

Q: What do you want to influence in education?

Respect, both for individual teachers and teaching as a profession. Teaching well is a constant challenge, but it's my belief that, through a continued commitment to growth, we position ourselves to do great things for our kids.



Over the course of the last few months, I have learned so much from your constant coaching and pushing to make me better. As you know, the growing process is not always easy, and there were moments I wanted to resist your pressure on me to do better. I am glad and impressed that you didn’t give up on me, the other teachers in the math department, and our school. Thank you for your dedication!

- Christiana Johnson, Teacher Kappa IV Middle School, NYC.


Just wanted to reach out to share my vote of confidence for the Math learning that is happening at City Poly since Ben joined our community. I am encouraged by the staff feedback and excitedly look forward to our remaining visits...and hopefully the 2017-18 school year. On behalf of our faculty, shout out to Ben!!

- Judie Hartmann, Principal City Polytechnic High School, NYC.


I wanted to thank you once again for the presentation. The feedback from staff was extremely positive. I'm already getting emails and visiting with teachers who have implemented ideas and activities presented in the session.

- Bridget Lupia, Senior Field Supervisor, NYC Department of Education.


[Ben] is creative, hardworking, and helps me see what I really need to focus on. He has really revolutionized the way I teach.  His work with me has been invaluable.

- Paul Asjes, Bronx School of Performing Arts

Thank you very much for extending your expertise with me so generously. I have come to realize becoming a teacher is being a student every day.

- Esra Tezer, Richmond Hill High School

"I just wanted to thank-you so much for leading such an awesome institute. I really appreciate how you elevated our thinking and pushed us to deeper levels of inquiry and reflection when it came to considering how we design and approach our teaching. The very hands-on, explorative, student-focused approach is something I will be taking away with me. I feel like I was able to learn, understand, and grow more this week as an educator than I have in any previous PD's or coaching experiences. Thanks again for leading us through the week and helping me to remember and recognize what it means to be a learner.”

- Caitlin Clarke, Harlem Village Academies Teacher

"Thank you SO much for ALL the insight you provided on how I could better reach, and therefore teach, our group of students. It was really an amazing experience being able to work with you, and learn and grow throughout the year. It helped me become 100,000,000 times more reflective than if I were to have been left alone this year without someone to guide my teaching firsthand. I could not thank you enough for all the attention you put into each of us."

- Ayesha Fahmin, Bronx Bridges HS, NYC

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