Kathy Blozy

Secondary Mathematics


Kathy Blozy began her love of mathematics education while teaching math with the Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa. After returning from Africa she enrolled in Columbia University’s Teachers College Peace Corps Fellows Program and several years later began mentoring math and science teachers through the program. The bulk of her New York City mathematics teaching experience was spent at Landmark High School, first as a classroom teacher and later as a mathematics coach and the math/science chairperson. At Landmark she developed inquiry/problem-based mathematics and physics curriculums. Currently Kathy works as a new teacher advisor for Math for America, NY – providing guidance, professional development and mentoring to MfA Fellows as they begin their teaching careers. It was through professional development received at MfA that Kathy met Anne Burgunder, a senior master coach at Metamorphosis.

Kathy loves math at all levels. She began a Math Club at her children’s elementary school, for accelerated students – she loves learning the strategies younger children use to tackle different problems. Kathy enjoys bringing these amazing strategies to the teachers she works with at the middle and high school level. Kathy’s passion is working with struggling middle and high school students and helping them make sense of mathematics. This “making sense of math” is the driving force behind her work with teachers. She works intensively with teachers on their lessons - helping them craft accessible, engaging, and thoughtful inquiry-based lessons. She values multiple methods and representations to solving problems and works with teachers on how to orchestrate that classroom discussion around different solutions.



Q: What are you most passionate about in education?

I am passionate about bridging elementary and high school mathematics. I love learning about models at the elementary level and how secondary students can use them to make meaning. I am particularly passionate about using what I learn at every level to help struggling students make meaning in mathematics.

Q: What do you love about Metamorphosis?

Being surrounded by amazing, super-intelligent educators. All of my colleagues push me out of my comfort zone in amazing ways.

Q: What do you want to influence in education?

I want to inspire all students to make sense of math and to inspire all teachers to believe that all of their students can learn math.




It's going really well, and I'm seeing changes in confidence levels already. The week with Metamorphosis in NYC has been life-changing.

– Ivy Bowler, Teacher, Math 8 Algebra, Begich Middle School, Alaska


I started implementing the model of making conjectures on the discovering activities for my juniors and seniors today and they LOVE it so much! "I wish we can have math everyday!" They were so eager to participate and think out of the box. 

– Zoey Zhu, Teacher, Léman Manhattan School

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