Renee McShane

Elementary Mathematics


Renee has recently joined the Metamorphosis team. Prior to joining Metamorphosis she spent nearly 15 years in public and independent school environments, specializing in math, science and technology curriculum and instruction. She comes to Metamorphosis following a stint at The School at Columbia University, where she worked as the Math Liaison beginning in 2007. There, she delivered and helped develop Teach 21 workshops that are offered across the country and around the world, as well as designing integrated math curriculum to meet the needs of students at all educational levels. Her many workshop presentations include “The 21st Century Math Teacher,” which she offered at the American School of London and “The Role of Assessment in Creating Differentiated Curriculum,” which she offered in New York.

Prior to joining The School at Columbia, Renee was the District Mathematics Leader for grades K-6 in Valley Stream School District 13 in New York, where she facilitated a district-wide effort to choose a new math curriculum. During her seven years in Valley Stream, she also worked as a math coach, a math specialist servicing students, a science specialist, and a classroom teacher. She spent three summers with the Hollingworth Science Camp at Teachers College, where she collaborated in the development of a digital curriculum that integrated engineering and design into existing units of study. At Hollingsworth, she also coached science teachers to help them develop their pedagogy and science content knowledge.

Renee has served as an adjunct professor at Barnard and at Fordham University’s Graduate School for Education. Her undergraduate degree is from Villanova University and she holds a master’s degree in Elementary Math, Science and Technology from Hofstra University. She also completed her School District Leadership Program at SUNY Stony Brook.



Q: What are you most passionate about in education?

I have two education passions: teaching mathematics, science and technology in a way that ignites students’ passion and helping students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the entire educational community see the relevance and beauty of mathematics and science.

Q: What do you love about Metamorphosis?

I love the inside-out intentionality in everything that we do. No moment of pedagogy or detail of content goes unexamined.  Metamorphosis is a reflective community of educators who value feedback and constantly seek professional growth. This reflection and intentionality fosters a community of exceptional colleagues who have a passion for creating and sharing the highest quality professional development.

Q: What do you want to influence in education?

The mindset of educators. I would like to help educators develop a growth mindset that leads them to fully believe that all children can learn, to reflect on their practice and to value and seek feedback for continual development.



I can't remember the last time that I grew so much professionally in one day. I went into the lesson feeling like I knew my students and what they were capable of. You showed me the power in stepping back and allowing my students to struggle. I was so impressed with what the kids were able to do, but even more struck by how much deeper their learning was as a result of letting them find their own way. I appreciate you encouraging me to try new ways to strengthen the math community in my classroom. 

-Rebecca Glick
Teacher, New York


I just wanted to take a moment to say how wonderful it has been having Renee McShane at the Peck Slip School this year. I have begun my summative conferences with teachers, and every single one has talked about how Renee helped them grow as teachers of mathematics. She’s always meticulously prepared, responsive, and thoughtful. The follow up emails she sends after every visit are invaluable. 

-Maggie Siena, Principal
The Peck Slip School


I just wanted you to know how wonderful Renee has been and what a difference she has made in just three visits. She is well-prepared, efficient with her time, flexible and very accessible to my staff. I have her working with only grades 2 and 3 this year and can see how this work will grow in future years with other grades.

It's been a great working relationship for me too.

-Veronica Najjar, Principal


"Not only was the PD on STEAM  fun and engaging, I used a lot of strategies in my classroom the next week."

- Science Teacher 

"My thoughts on the process of teaching science, the ways to encourage thinking and engage/excite young scientists and my personal excitement toward the process has grown.I can't wait to present problems and probe thinking more intentionally in my class."

- Classrooom Teacher 

"Renee, I can't thank you enough for all your patience, honest feedback, and time spent coaching and planning with me. Our meetings were always incredibly efficient and productive. Working with you completely re-wired my teaching brain and helped me become a much more strategic and purposeful math teacher."

- Zoe Paraskevopoulos Gr. 3 teacher 

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