Shaun Porter

Elementary & Secondary Mathematics


Shaun Porter served as a middle school mathematics teacher in the Bronx and
co-founded a public elementary school in Queens where he then served as a mathematics coach and assistant principal. In addition to these roles, Shaun also
served as the Academic Intervention Services coordinator at both schools, and through researching helpful models and strategies to support student learning, he developed effective programs that helped close the gap for struggling learners.

His passions include supporting teacher development, cultivating classroom environments that are engaging, and designing lessons with a focus on accessibility for all learners. At the core, Shaun believes that teaching and learning mathematics is about problem solving and working collaboratively with adults and students to make sense of and build upon one another’s ideas.



Q: What are you most passionate about in education?

I am most passionate about serving all students, particularly those traditionally underserved.  I love working with teachers to support all students by making learning fun and accessible.

Q: What do you love about Metamorphosis?

I love the organization’s admiration for and dedication to the craft of teaching. I love the synonymous view of teaching and learning. We are always learning.

Q: What do you want to influence in education?

I want to influence educators’ belief that all students can learn and take us to places that we haven’t yet imagined



"On behalf of Health Sciences Charter School, we are beyond pleased with your content specific work with our Mathematics PLC.  Your depth of knowledge, ability to model this with our young people, facilitate focused discussions, and connect meaningfully with our staff are notable. "

                       -Heidie Buffomante, assistant principal, Health Sciences Charter School


"Thank you for the support that we have received from Metamorphosis this year. The professional development our staff received was beyond stellar. I can not sing the praises we all have for Shaun at our school. He is a wealth of knowledge, both in content and process and has had a great impact on our teachers in the implementation of mathematics at our school.”

- Deb Bussewitz, Enterprise Charter School, Buffalo NY



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