Stephanie Slabic

Elementary Mathematics


Stephanie Slabic has had extensive experience, both as a professional staff developer and workshop leader. She has previously worked with Catherine Twomey-Fosnot at Mathematics in the City (MitC), a national center for professional development at the City College of the City University of New York. Stephanie is currently employed as a master coach and works with Lucy West and Antonia Cameron at Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities.

Stephanie is committed to empowering teachers and students to embrace and love mathematics. She tailors her on-site work to meet each school’s individual and diverse needs. As part of this process, Stephanie works with leadership teams to create the most effective structures possible. These structures are both complex and multi-faceted. They include: (1) content-focused coaching (co-planning, co-teaching and debriefing of lessons), (2) comparative teaching (a structure used to support teacher examination of specific aspects of practice), and (3) facilitating grade-level meetings focused on rigorous analysis of curriculum and pedagogy.

In her journey toward mathematical leadership, Stephanie’s third-grade classroom at P.S. 261K was selected in 2006 to be a lab-site for the NYC Department of Education’s Collaborative Communities of Practice in Mathematics. In this leadership role, Stephanie hosted visiting teachers from across New York City, opening her classroom and publicly sharing her practice. In discussions with visiting teachers, Stephanie was expected to plan and co-teach her lessons with the CCP’s director, Antonia Cameron. As part of this process, Stephanie was also expected to reflect publicly on the effectiveness of her own teaching and to be able to analyze student learning. Here, she was expected to find evidence of student learning (use specific artifacts like student conversations or written work) to plan her next steps in teaching.

Because of this unique leadership training, Stephanie has developed an unusual set of professional development skills. These skills are currently being employed in her facilitation of Metamorphosis’ Teaching Learning Communities. In this role, Stephanie leads teacher study groups that are focused on the development of teacher leadership, pedagogy, and content knowledge in mathematics.

Stephanie’s effectiveness in a variety of professional development roles has earned her the deep respect of educators. As a consultant, she is in high demand both locally and nationally.



Q: What are you most passionate about in education?

I’m most passionate about engaging and empowering students, and helping teachers foster a passion and excitement for problem-solving, thinking and asking questions in mathematics and beyond.

Q: What do you love about Metamorphosis?

The team at Metamorphosis is unlike any other that I have experienced. I continually feel supported, challenged and inspired by my colleagues! We love to innovate and play, and we never do the same thing exactly the same way twice!

Q: What do you want to influence in education?

Shifting the culture of mathematics from rigid-and-boring to beautiful-and-playful. I would love to help educators and students see the beauty in and of mathematics so that generations of students learn to enjoy math!



Dear Stephanie,
I loved my first Learning Community Day. Toni is a true master facilitator and she has the ability to make every teacher feel valued and part of the conversation. I felt that I would be lost, but the work that you have just begun with me this year put me in the conversation. It felt great to be around young teachers on the same page as me in our desire to learn more and move our students forward on the path. I came away with the sense that it is a long road ahead but that I have you and others to guide me, and that felt safe and exciting. I look forward to my work this Monday and then to continue our conversations here on Tuesday. Thank you so much Stephanie for your wisdom, time, and patience with “an old girl learning new tricks.” Fondly,

- Pat (SMS)


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